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Information and Reference of What was Found in the Archive

British Local Stamp issues for Summer Isles printed by the Format International Security Printers Ltd. and items found in the Archive

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Summer Isles British Local Stamps printed by Format International Security Printers Ltd.

Tanera is the only Scottish island to operate a year-round private postal service.

The Summer Isles Post Office was inaugurated on September 1st 1970, with the approval of the Royal Mail. When the Wilder Family bought Tanera Mr in 1996 they revived the Post Office, which had been dormant for 10 years. Bill and Jean Wilder managed Tanera until their daughter Lizzie and her husband Richard Williams moved to the Island in 2009.

A letter posted on Tanera must therefore bear two stamps: a Summer Isles stamp to carry it from Tanera to the mainland post office in Achiltibuie, and a Royal Mail stamp for the rest of its journey. Post travels from Tanera to the mainland are on a sturdy boat the MV Patricia, who returns with mail for Island inhabitants.

The Summer Isles British Locals have been endorsed as legitimate by the PTS.

The Format Printers had presence only in 1982 in producing issues for the Summer Isles. All other British Locals were produced by other printers such as the House of Questa, Cartor, etc.

During 1982 the Format Printers produced two sets for the island.

Issued in strips of four plus label.

Summer Isles 1982 75th Anniversary of Scouting British Local Stamps


Summer Isles 1982 Maritime Ships British Local Stamps

These were the only British Local stamps printed by the Format International Security Printers Ltd. for the Summer Isles.

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