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Saint Vincent 1984 Leaders of the World Locomotives 3rd Series Forgery Set
Scott# 787-790 Stanley Gibbons# 834-841
Saint Vincent 1984 Leaders of the World Locomotives 3rd Series Forgery Set
Saint Vincent 1984 Leaders of the World Locomotives 3rd Series Imperforate Forgery Set
Saint Vincent 1984 Leaders of the World Locomotives 3rd Series Imperforate Forgery Set
I have found documented proof dated April 2015 that at least 2,500 imperforate forgery sets have been moved onto the market!

UPDATE August 2017

I warned two years ago when I created this page that perforated stamp forgeries of this issue would be on the market. I was correct.
I just purchased a set of perforated forgeries and added the image above. Everything is the same as the imperforates I describe on this page. Yellowish gum, cheap white paper, inferior screens causing blurry images. These I purchased on eBay from a seller in Canada who had no idea that they are forgeries.


I have recently discovered that modern fake stamps of this issue are being flooded onto the market. I can tell you that real dangerous fakes or some call forgeries are being flooded on the market as I write this page in December of 2015.
All the stamps imaged above are fakes!

My research into the printer has enabled me to discover modern fake stamps have been created in 2014!! They are being spread across the world through online auction sites like eBay and Delcampe. Everything about them is fake except for one dangerous fact, they have the correct perf size. The gum type is different in it being white in color and very shiny. This gum type was not used until much later years, long after Format went bankrupt thus proving they were not produced by the Format International Security Printers. Obvious differences will be shown below. So far I have discovered complete sets of forgeries of the Saint Vincent Leaders of the World 1984 Locomotives 3rd Series issues. All are being offered online right now as I write this on December 5, 2015.

I have also made another discovery!

In the sets I received of these is another variety of gum type. It is yellowish in color and so dangerously close to the originals gum type that without close scrutiny it is very hard to detect! I will go into more details below.

I can also tell you that I have discovered that many more "modern" issues for Saint Vincent and other countries are being forged. Mainly varieties and "errors" of the issues which bring in higher profits although normal issues are also being faked in now many cases. All are being produced by the same source which is unknown at present. All are dangerous forgeries because the perf sizes are correct. Images shown on auction sites cannot be trusted because they cannot be defined by counting perforations and unless you have a comparable image of the originals they cannot be recognized by the images given by sellers. This includes the Audubon Birds issues including inverted frames, Dogs inverts, Flowers inverts, Michael Jackson inverts, imperforates and many more.


At present sellers on eBay, Delcampe, Bonanza, and Amazon are offering them. I am sure other sources are now selling them also. A list of these sellers is being compiled and at some point the source may be revealed. At this time unless the sellers stop selling them (which is doubtful) it is up to you as a buyer to refuse to buy them without proper identification. In other words, make the seller send you 1200dpi images of the front and back of the stamps and then compare them with my images. I have posted more pages on the issues I have discovered to be forged and have included an index page listing them with links.

New information is welcome and you may contact me through this website anytime.

I noticed sales of some of the Saint Vincent Leaders of the World Cars and Trains issues being sold on eBay from a dealer based in Latvia. This dealer is a large volume dealer and was and is offering them in bulk lots of 5, 10 pairs all still attached and even offering full pane sets. Also in lots with other issues. The starting bid is 99c! Buyers constantly bid them up to $3.00 to $10.00 ranges. They all are selling thus they are now everywhere in the world! Thousands have been moved!

I suspected that they are forgeries because other forgeries I have purchased from this same dealer. I recently purchased a lot containing this set and 8 other sets of the Leaders of the World Train sets from various countries as normal issues for some and imperforates for some. In looking at all the sets I have found that they are all forgeries. At first I thought that some were authentic because I was looking only for stamps with white gum. Then I noticed that several had an "error" of which I have no documentation on in my specialized pages on the issues. I then dug deeper scanning them at 1200dpi to get a look at the screens used and that is when I discovered that even the ones with yellowish gum are fakes! They are indeed the same as all the other forgeries I have written about. I got them for $6.00 winning bid against three other bidders. This shows us how easily these are being spread across the world. Here is an image of what I got.

Leaders of the World Locomotives 9 set Forgery Lot Sold on Ebay
These would have been a good deal if they were not all fakes.
I suspect them to have been printed at an earlier time because they have the yellowish gum and "held" until now.
This dealer is playing dumb and is persisting in selling these and many other forgeries so without naming names because of defamation retaliation and because eBay could retaliate I will have to leave it up to you collectors and dealers to do something about it.
so far I have alerted the APS, American Philatelic Magazine editors, Scott catalog editors about these forgeries. At this point they are tending to ignore it. Are you going to ignore it also?

I now have everything together to present to you how to detect them and not get ripped off!!

Here are gum comparisons.

For all comparisons I am using a Specimen overprinted set to compare with which is proof of original printing.

Gum Comparison of Fake Stamps with Original
The white gum appears to still be PVA but without the greenish tint. It has been noted that other British issues like some of the Machin issues have this type of gum. The problem is it was not used until the late 90's. The gum is very shiny though which conflicts with the description of the gum known as PVAI (Layflat) used on the Machins. Yet the stamps lay perfectly flat on a surface whereas originals have a light bending from aging.
This is evidence showing even a later creation and since these did not appear on the market until 2014 and no such stamps like these have ever been on the market nor recorded, it proves these to be modern forgeries of the stamps.

The yellowish gum I suspect to be older. It appears with this latest discovery that the forgers were working on this some time ago. The gum I am finding is bending very badly on this issue unlike original issues which only have slight bending. It is different than original gum. A flat appearance compared to original gum. Still this makes some of the forgeries exceptionally dangerous because collectors and dealers who are scanning their collections and stock looking only at the gum looking for white versus yellow appearance will have these slip right by. As stated they do appear slightly different next to the originals but if you do not have originals right there to compare, you will have to resort to magnified detection of the face of the stamp to detect the forgeries in some cases. Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives Forgery and Original Gum Comparison

Here is resized image of the perforated and imperforate fake gum with an original.
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives Forgery and Original Gum Comparison of Full Stamps

Screen, Font and Color Comparison of a Fake Stamp with an Original Stamp
Let us use the 5c R.R. Class 20 locomotive stamp for high resolution comparisons. I use 1200dpi scans for viewing.
This first comparison shows you how inferior the screens are. I compare the front of the engine.
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives 5c Fake with Original Screen and Color Comparison of the Front of the Class 20 Engine

You can see that the screens used are much coarser. Much of the details are lost on the forgery. The forgeries still are very dangerous because when imaged for sale by sellers they look almost exactly the same as the originals. Buyers will think it is just the sellers scanner making them look "different". To compensate the forger uses a shinier surface on the face of the stamps.

Now let's look at the fonts.
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives 5c Fake with Original Comparison of the Fonts

You can see that the fonts are dangerously close on this stamp. But there is something that is very different! Can you see it?
Look at the 4-8-2+2-8-4. The "dots" are placed quite differently. Centered between each number on the original. Placed to the right on the forgery.

Now let's look at the Front of the engine on the detail drawing.
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives 5c Fake with Original Comparison of the Front of the Engine on the Detail Drawing

Again you can see that much of the detail is gone or indistinct on the forgery.
I ask you....which one would you rather have?
Note even the yellow color at the top is gone on the fake stamp!
Here you can also see the distinct difference in the paper.

Now I will show reduced images of the original stamps with the forgeries. At the bottom table are links to the same images at full size. To big to fit the page of course as I scanned them all at 1200dpi.

Comparison of the Fake 5c 1954 Zimbabwe R.R. Class 20 Locomotive Stamp with the Original Stamp
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives Class 20 Fake with Original 5c Stamp Comparison

Now that you know what to look for it helps yes?
Notice the extreme difference in overall color now?
Still you can see that most people will not even notice it which is what the forger wants!

Comparison of the Fake 40c 1928 United Kingdom Southern Maid Locomotive Stamp with the Original Stamp
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives Southern Maid Fake with Original 40c Stamp Comparison

Here you can see the locomotive is much deeper green on the original. Also the fonts are much heavier on the original.

Comparison of the Fake 75c 1911 United Kingdom Prince of Wales Locomotive Stamp with the Original Stamp
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives Prince of Wales Fake with Original 75c Stamp Comparison

Guess what?!? A new type of "error"!! Color bar at top is missing. Unfortunately...until now never recorded. That's because it is a fake!

Comparison of the Fake $2.50 1935 Germany D.R.G. Class 05 Locomotive Stamp with the Original Stamp
Saint Vincent 1984 Locomotives D.R.G. Class 05 Fake with Original $2.50 Stamp Comparison

Another "error"!

So now you can see that there is a lot of differences between the two printings.

I have not seen this set as normal perforated versions of the forgeries on the market....yet. It is possible they are out there or it is very possible they will be appearing soon!

Because of the fact that a major portion of leaders in the stamp community wish to turn a blind eye on these forgeries. Because of dealers and buyers who are afraid to "step up to the plate" because of fear of being ridiculed by self proclaimed "experts" or because they don't want to get involved, the forgers will continue to forge more and more sets. They have already effected other issues that have nothing to do with Leaders of the World issues such as Nauru 1982 Scouts, Barbuda 1983 Manned Flight and others showing us the wide range of stamps they are capable of forging and possibly have already forged. Soon you will be the victim when you buy that fake high valued Orchid stamp or that high priced definitive set you have dreamed of getting or what you thought to be a genuine error or variety which in the end only turns out to be fabricated by these forgers and nobody wants it when you go to sell it or your children go to sell it.

You have a choice.

Continue to ignore this problem that the majority of stamp leaders and editors seem to be trying to do just like they have with unauthorized reprints and "illegal" stamps in the past. Or spread the word and complain to your contacts and leaders that these problems need to be exposed and described in magazines, newspapers and catalogs before every stamp issue made in modern times from the 1970's onward falls victim to being a suspected forgery and in turn you or your friends or associates will fall victim to it when trying to buy or sell them. These forgers are professionals and have been here for decades unseen. They will continue to harm us unless people like you stand up and take notice!

This problem effects everyone because now instead of the value being based on a set quantity of the issued stamp, we now have double, triple or even more in quantity placed on the market. It will therefore depreciate the stated value of them in the catalogs simply because they will not research them and "assume" there are tons available when in reality for many sets the originals are and have become difficult to find.

I am simply the one who discovered them because of my research on the printer.
Indeed several issues that I have researched and obtained the original varieties of are effected. Mainly these fake imperforates. I am a professional tradesman and have never depended on stamps to live on. There are many that do depend on stamp sales though and it is for them also that I have created this section of the website.

You can now define the fake Saint Vincent 1984 3rd series Locomotives stamps easily and can now possibly avoid being ripped off! Sorry to say this, a lot of you already have been fooled and more of you will be until the right people get serious about it!

Here are links to images of each stamp with an original next to a forgery. All are scanned at 1200dpi so the files are large. All were scanned at the same time with the same settings and nothing is enhanced. Using Scott Catalog numbers. Please be patient with downloading them because each file is around 7 to 8 megs.

Saint Vincent Locomotives Scott 787 R.R. Class 20 Stamp
Saint Vincent Locomotives Scott 788 Southern Maid Stamp
Saint Vincent Locomotives Scott 789 Prince of Wales Stamp
Saint Vincent Locomotives Scott 790 D.R.G. Class 05 Stamp

Your friend and fellow collector and researcher,

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