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Information and Reference of illegal stamps for Malawi

Flag of Malawi

The following imaged counterfeit illegal stamps are available through private stamp dealers and their websites. They are available on eBay and Delcampe. They are everywhere! These illegal issues are fabrication of stamps that have never had any postal validity in Malawi and have been denounced as fraudulent. They were and are created by certain greedy, unethical and immoral stamp dealers. Any stamp seller out there that offers these "stamps" either does not know they are illegal stamps or is deceitful and they should be avoided at all costs. The deceitful ones prey upon unknowing collectors new and old. They prey upon topical collectors mostly because the majority do not have the knowledge that they are worthless in the stamp market. Some are quite obvious because they have hundreds of lots available on eBay and other public auction venues.

The following images are of illegal stamps produced for Malawi. Please remember that the producers of these illegals are not only greedy, they are crude and sometimes disgusting which is the nature of these people.

To find out what stamps are real and legitimate for Malawi visit the UPU WNS website and look at the Malawi section.

The Universal Postal Union WNS website

I have found the Colnect online catalog to be helpful as well although there are "conflicts" between what is listed there and what is on the WNS system.

The Colnect Online Catalog for Malawi

Check out their Illegal Stamp section as well. Many of the illegal stamps are listed to help you verify them as well.

The Colnect Online Catalog for Malawi Illegal Stamps

I have found the Stampworld.com Catalog to be very helpful as well although again there are "conflicts" between what is listed there and what is on the WNS system.

The Stampworld Online Catalog for Malawi

Or use a respectable catalog like Scott or Stanley Gibbons. Do not listen to these dealers trying to convince you they are something other than illegal stamps.

Here we go!

Many of the following illegal stamps can be found as imperforates and as color proof sets as well. Some exist on fake First Day Covers too.
Most times now (2019) the souvenir sheet sets and sheetlet sets are sold individually. Many times the stamps have been removed from the sheetlets and souvenir sheets. All of these "tactics" are used to avoid detection by UPU circular descriptions.

Sellers that call these "private", "locals", "Cinderella's", "unauthorized" are deceiving you. They are illegal stamps produced by a stamp dealer that is bent on ripping you off! Some sellers state "we offer them because they are on the market". Well how about you use a different dealer because that seller is "on the market"? If the stamp societies, auction sites and all other venues kicked these sellers off of their sites then they would have to comply or lose their ability to sell anything.

The following images are free for the use of all to use to alert the public to them. If anyone wants to make a public list of users on eBay, Delcampe and elsewhere who are selling these issues....fine by me since the UPU, PWMO and others appear to have given up or have not been updated in years.

If you have purchased any of these stamps from a dealer or if that dealer offers them, you should avoid that dealer! You will only be supporting illegal stamp makers who are only ripping you off.


In 2017 the production of illegal stamps in the name of Malawi remained almost nonexistent. Possibly because Malawi had produced genuine topical stamps of which the shoddy illegal stamp producers cannot compete with.

In 2017 Malawi officially issued 4 according to the Colnect Online Catalog and other catalogs. All are in agreement for this year except for the four surcharged stamps are not listed on the WNS system.

Malawi 2017 Surcharged (1988) Birds Scott 842-845
Issued July 1, 2017

These are not shown on the WNS system.

Malawi 2017 Surcharged (1988) Birds Scott 842-845

It is therefore understood that any stamp dating 2017 (other than the above issues) in the name of Malawi is a counterfeit illegal stamp!

Following are images of the illegal stamps I have found offered for Malawi dating 2017. There may and probably are more. All of these I found in searches on eBay and Delcampe and all are illegal stamps made by producers bent on ripping you off!

I present them in alphabetical order of titles as there is no logical order for illegal stamps.

2017 Imperial Family of Romanov Souvenir Sheets of 3

Malawi 2017 Imperial Family of Romanov Illegal Stamp Souvenir Sheets of 3

2017 Imperial Family of Romanov Souvenir Sheet of 1

Malawi 2017 Imperial Family of Romanov Illegal Stamp Souvenir Sheet of 1

In 2018 the production of counterfeit illegal stamps in the name of Malawi appears to have ended!

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WNS System
Major Stamp Catalogs
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