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Information and Reference of illegal stamps for Congo Democratic Republic

Flag of Congo Democratic Republic

The following images are of illegal stamps produced for Congo Democratic Republic. Please remember that the producers of these illegals are not only greedy, they are crude and sometimes disgusting which is the nature of these people.

At the time of creating the pages for Congo Democratic Republic I have found the WNS system to be completely unreliable as a source because only two stamps are listed on the site for 2002 and then.....nothing.

The Universal Postal Union WNS website

I have found the Colnect online catalog to be helpful although there are "conflicts" between what is listed there and what is on the Stampworld Catalog. I consider Colnect to be the most reliable online source at this time.

The Colnect Online Catalog for Congo Democratic Republic

Check out their Illegal Stamp section as well. It is upgraded as of 2023 and shows counterfeits that may be missing here.

The Colnect Online Catalog for Congo Democratic Republic Illegal Stamps

I have found the Stampworld.com Catalog to be helpful as well although again as stated there are "conflicts". They list stamps that are described as illegal stamps by the 1997 circular simply because Michel catalog (known to be influenced by dealers) is listing them.

The Stampworld Online Catalog for Congo Democratic Republic

Or use a respectable catalog like Scott or Stanley Gibbons. Do not listen to these dealers trying to convince you they are something other than illegal stamps.

You will find the styles and designs of the following illegal stamps completely different.

Here we go!

Many of the following illegal stamps can be found as imperforates and as color proof sets as well. Some exist on fake First Day Covers too.
Most times now (2019) the souvenir sheet sets and sheetlet sets are sold individually. Many times the stamps have been removed from the sheetlets and souvenir sheets. All of these "tactics" are used to avoid detection by UPU circular descriptions.

Sellers that call these "private", "locals", "cinderellas", "unauthorized" are deceiving you. They are illegal stamps produced by a stamp dealer that is bent on ripping you off! Some sellers state "we offer them because they are on the market". Well how about you use a different dealer because that seller is "on the market"? If the stamp societies, auction sites and all other venues kicked these sellers off of their sites then they would have to comply or lose their ability to sell anything.

The following images are free for the use of all to use to alert the public to them. If anyone wants to make a public list of users on eBay, Delcampe and elsewhere who are selling these issues....fine by me since the UPU, PWMO and others appear to have given up or have not been updated in years.

If you have purchased any of these stamps from a dealer or if that dealer offers them, you should avoid that dealer! You will only be supporting illegal stamp makers who are only ripping you off.


As shown on the 2005 page one more large production of counterfeit illegal stamps in the name of Congo Democratic Republic is made by the UK based producers. Then it stopped! Why?

The Scott catalog does not list any issues because they have no valid proof of any postal usage within the country. Scott catalog notes that these issues and the later stamps dating 2002 through 2012 were never available in the country and are therefore not listed.

The abusive stamps are listed in the Michel catalog due to influence by the agency to get them listed there. We can see by the massive availability on the market of these issues that Impressor S.A. overproduced the stamps simply to sell to non savvy collectors of topics. There are probably hundreds of thousands of each issue made as the market shows. Some of the dealers are holding stocks of the stamps numbering in the thousands. In a sense of rarity, there is none, so any seller claiming they are rare.... is lying to you.

The styles of the abusive issues are the same in most cases and are therefore fairly easy to recognize. They are similar to the styles of illegal stamps and carry the same topics which have nothing to do with the country of origin. Because none were ever sent to the country nor used there it is my opinion that they are valueless pieces of paper made by unscrupulous people intent on gaining easy profits by breaking just about every U.P.U. rule for philatelic best practices. They should not be listed in any stamp catalog that lists official postage stamps without at least using proper reference that they were never used in the country they are said to be issued from. Not making this clear makes that catalog an unreliable source.

They should not be given any catalog value because there is no proof of how many were made. This company to this day could reprint them. They are not a high security printer and therefore every stamp issue they made is considered insecure in all regards. Stamperija is the same today. They print their own stamps and are not a security printer by any means. Both companies produce stamps that are of the same caliber as illegal stamps. Both companies never send them to the country of origin. All being sold by direct sales or to dealers.
This is why they are called abusive stamps.

I wish to note again that the "styles" of the gold and silver foil souvenir sheets produced by Impressor in these years have an uncanny almost exact style as the fake gold foil stamps of 2003.

In 2005 a transitional government was in control of the Congo D.R. after years of fighting. Elections were not held until 2006. I am quite certain that transitional government had no interest in having any new stamps produced for the Congo Democratic Republic. Yet Impressor S.A. continued to produce them. In my opinion and many others....illegally.

The Colnect and Stampworld catalogs are in complete chaos in their listings. Colnect has a large number of Impressor Abusive stamps listed under 2006, 5 listed under 2007, then skips to 2011 showing only the Impressor Mushrooms set. They show in 2012 some of the Olympics and a WWF set. For 2013 they show another abusive Impressor Mushroom set and then no more listings.

The Stampworld Catalog on the other hand shows only some gold/silver foil Impressor issues for 2006 and one WWF block souvenir sheet. Under 2007 they show some more gold/silver foil abusive stamps with 2006 date inscriptions, and a bunch of souvenir sheets dating 2006/2007. They skip 2008 then show in 2009 a bunch of Barrack Obama Impressor sheets and a couple chess ones. They skip to 2011 and show a bunch of Prince William and Kate Middleton sheets and a bunch of other topical sheets all made by this Impressor S.A.. Under years 2012 through 2014 a ton more of the Impressor abusive stamps. Why? My take is simply because they invested in the abusive issues and want to legitimize and sell them. Try to find just one of the listed Impressor abusive issues that are used on cover (that isn't a fake) dating between 2006 through 2014. You cannot and that is why Scott Catalog does not list them...

As I have stated the British illegal stamp producers stopped production of Congo Democratic Republic issues in 2006. Not proven, but reliable sources state that Impressor knew and knows who they are and requested the stoppage because they had "contracts". This occurs over and over again to this day as the stamps show us the pattern. These rouge agencies get contracts and the illegal stamp production stops. They lose the contracts and it starts again. It is in your face and yet the UPU and nobody appears to want to do anything about it. Well I am....

For the year 2008 I could only find one set of illegal stamps. They are deemed "privately produced" on the Avion Stamps website and basically sold exclusively there. They even have the color proofs and proof sheets of them. Now you tell me.....no connection with the producer? The "admission" that they are fake is preserved.

Anyone who wishes to contest this is welcome to show proof that the stamps are genuine issued stamps and this page can be updated to show it. At this time no catalog lists them.

2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Souvenir Sheets of 4

Congo Democratic Republic 2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Illegal Stamp Souvenir Sheets of 4

2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Souvenir Sheets of 4 Overprinted

Congo Democratic Republic 2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Illegal Stamp Souvenir Sheets of 4 Overprinted

2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Deluxe Sheets of 1

Noting these are examples. Some with the overprint and some without it.

Congo Democratic Republic 2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Illegal Stamp Deluxe Sheets of 1

2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Proof Sheet

Noting the color guide. It basically tells you who the criminal company is that printed it.....

Congo Democratic Republic 2008 Disney Olympic Games Peking Illegal Stamp Proof Sheet

Update 2020

I found more counterfeits were made than previously observed. Namely the criminals overprinted a number of the 2004 paintings souvenir sheets of four targeting chess topical collectors.
Here are images of them.

2008 Paintings From 2004 Souvenir Sheets of 4 Overprinted for FIDE Grand Prix Chess Championships

Congo Democratic Republic 2008 Paintings From 2004 Illegal Stamp Souvenir Sheets of 4 Overprinted for FIDE Grand Prix Chess Championships (Part 1)
Congo Democratic Republic 2008 Paintings From 2004 Illegal Stamp Souvenir Sheets of 4 Overprinted for FIDE Grand Prix Chess Championships (Part 2)

It is not until 2012 that more verified counterfeit illegal stamps appeared again.

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