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Information and Reference of Illegal Stamps for Benin Created in 2000

Flag of Benin

I found there to be no illegal stamps produced for this year. This page is a reference for the unissued stamps that were produced.

To verify what stamps are real and legitimate for Benin visit the UPU WNS website and look at the Benin section.

The Universal Postal Union WNS website

You can also get a very good reference of what was officially issued from the Colnet website.

The Colnet Online Catalog for Benin

You can also use a respectable catalog like Scott or Stanley Gibbons. Do not listen to these dealers trying to convince you they are something other than illegal stamps. In the case for this year unissued stamps.

In 2004 when Benin produced circular 30 they did not know that there were more illegal stamps that were being circulated than what they listed. This has occurred for many of the victim countries. To correct it I have researched them all using the major catalog listings and the WNS system as reference to what was officially issued.

Here we go!


During this year there were several sets of stamps that are considered "planned but never issued". Problems occur many times in stamp production when the printers get carried away with producing issues for some countries. In some cases it is the country of issues fault but I have found in many cases it is the agencies and printers fault. They tend to produce the stamps before being fully authorized by the postal administration of the given country.

This is obvious that it happened with the following sets. The printer fully printed them and for whatever reason be it rejection by the postal authorities to ending the contracts with the agency they were retained and sold to stamp dealers. We can see that in 2001 Benin began surcharging their older issues. This is proof they ended their contracts with the agency who had the 2000 year contract. Therefore they should not be valued at any high range because they are not a rarity by any means. You can see this by what is on the market today. Almost half the sales under a search on eBay for Benin 2000 are these unissued stamps. This shows there are thousands of the sets on the market. If they were printed by an honorable and truly secure printing company they would have been destroyed and never placed onto the market. This is what we are dealing with in modern times.

In most cases the sellers of these unissued and unauthorized stamps do not even let you know that is what they are! In a majority of cases these sellers do know what they are but hide the fact in the name of making profits on unknowing collectors. If they were truthful the sales are not good. Many times these same dealers are selling illegal stamps as well. This is why I present this page along with the illegal stamps references. So you know what you are getting when you buy these particular issues. Rather than watermarking the images as illegal stamps, I will watermark them as "unissued" stamps. This raises awareness which is what is needed in the stamp market these days. To many rip-off dealers are out there now and you have to be very careful about what you buy in regards to modern topical stamps. Buying one of these sets at the $8-12.00 range is not a wise choice. buying them for a few dollars is....ok.


Two of these sets were listed with numbers in the Scott Catalog for a short time until they found out they were not issued. They are now noted by description only and lost their number listings long ago. This is one reason the catalogs should never go by the word of stamp agency owners. They should only go by the postal authorities records of the given country.

Benin 2000 Year of the Dragon
Formerly listed in Scott Catalog as numbers 1183-1189
Benin 2000 Year of the Dragon Unissued Stamp Set
Benin 2000 Year of the Dragon Unissued Souvenir Sheet

Benin 2000 Dogs
Formerly listed in Scott Catalog as numbers 1211-1217
Benin 2000 Dogs Unissued Stamp Set
Benin 2000 Dogs Unissued Souvenir Sheet

The following two sets were never listed in Scott Catalog but are now noted.

Benin 2000 Beetles Insects
Benin 2000 Dogs Unissued Stamp Set
Benin 2000 Dogs Unissued Souvenir Sheet

Benin 2000 Songbirds
I could not even see a set of these that isn't precanceled.
Benin 2000 Songbirds Unissued Stamp Set

In 2001 the developement of another prototype for the coming nightmare plaque of illegal stamps for Benin was produced.

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References taken from:
U.P.U. Circular No. 30
WNS Website
Major Stamp Catalogs
Internet Research

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